Profession Gardener, all other

Gardener, all other

Gardeners plant and maintain public or private gardens and lawns, and construct garden features.

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Tasks gardener, all other

  • Prepare the ground, e.g. prepare soil, install drainage, and level the ground.
  • Plant trees, hedges, garden plants, grass, etc.
  • Construct features and facilities within gardens, such as paths or paved areas, walls, rockeries, ponds and water features, sheds and fences.
  • Check the health of plants and trees, identify and treat weeds, pests and diseases, and apply mulch and fertilisers.
  • Prune and trim trees, shrubs and hedges, and install plant supports and protection.
  • Roll, mow, aerate and edge lawns.
  • Raise plants from seeds or cuttings.
  • Install, operate and maintain irrigation systems.
  • Tidy garden areas (e.g. pathways), for example by clearing leaves, snow and litter.
  • Maintain and repair gardening tools, equipment and structures.
  • Advise clients on garden maintenance and answer questions.

Related professions horticulture, gardening

  • First line supervisor horticultural nursery gardeners
  • Floral arranger
  • Flower binder
  • Garden architect
  • Garden helper
  • Gardener (cemetery)
  • Gardener (public parks)
  • Greenkeeper sports grounds
  • Groundsman
  • Head groundsman
  • Horticultural grower
  • Horticultural technician
  • Horticultural worker
  • Landscape architect

Source: Sisyphus ODB