Profession gas service technician

Gas service technicians install and maintain gas service appliances and systems in facilities or buildings. They install the equipment in accordance with regulations, repair faults, and investigate leaks and other problems. They test the equipment and advise on the use and care of appliances and systems which use gas energy.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Fuel gas

    The various qualities, hazards and applications of gaseous fuels, such as oxy-acetylene, oxy-gasoline, oxy-hydrogen and others.

  • Natural gas

    The various facets of natural gas: its extraction, processing, constituents, uses, environmental factors, etc.

  • Types of pipelines

    Know various types of pipelines and their different usages. Differentiate between pipelines used to transport goods over short and long distances, and understand their respective feeding systems.


  • Operate boiler

    Operate sealed vessels which contain fluids which are heated or vaporised, not always up to boiling, for heating or power generation, such as in utilities. Ensure safe procedures by monitoring the blower auxiliary equipment closely during operations, and identifying faults and risks.

  • Repair pipelines

    Conduct maintenance and repair work on pipelines to prevent or remedy damages using, if necessary, remote-controlled robots.

  • Inspect pipelines

    Walk flow lines to identify damage or leaks; use electronic detection equipment and conduct visual inspections.

  • Install metal gas piping

    Safely install gas pipes and tubes made of steel or copper. Install all necessary connectors and modern ball valves. Test the pipe to make sure there are no leaks.

  • Resolve equipment malfunctions

    Identify, report and repair equipment damage and malfunctions; communicate with field representatives and manufacturers to obtain repair and replacement components.

  • Interpret technical requirements

    Analyse, understand and apply the information provided regarding technical conditions.

  • Prepare copper pipes for use as gas lines

    Use the appropriate copper pipes to serve as gas lines. Cut the pipes to size and remove any sharp ridges after cutting. Flare the ends with the right size flare to facilitate the attachment of connectors. Avoid kinking the pipe and discard any kinked piping.

  • Conform to health and safety regulations

    Carry out all work in accordance with relevant environmental and health and safety legislation, risk assessment requirements and company policies. Take the necessary health and safety precautions during work including posture the body well, safely operate tools and machinery, and wear the right clothes and protection for the climate.

  • Ensure correct gas pressure

    Ensure the necessary, usually constant, pressure of gas which is part of a machine or tool, such as torching equipment, used to process metal workpieces during metal fabrication processes.

  • Repair heating equipment

    Repair, by use of welding techniques applied to cut and formed metal sheets, boilers, heat exchangers, fired heaters, tanks, reactors and other pressure vessels, and others.

Optional knowledge and skills

cut metal products keep records of work progress monitor utility equipment install gas heaters answer requests for quotation anticipate installation maintenance energy performance of buildings ensure equipment cooling install utility equipment use personal protection equipment read gas meter use welding equipment consult technical resources

Common job titles

  • Field service technician ii
  • Gas lift field service technician
  • Field service technician (mem) ft/evenings (weekends req)
  • Field service technician - austin, tx
  • Aircraft technician trainee - repair station/service center operations
  • Installation and repair technician – copper/fiber (kaufman, tx)
  • Installation and repair technician – copper/fiber (fuquay varina, nc)
  • C&m technician i, ii or iii - shreveport, la
  • Installation and repair technician – copper/fiber (groesbeck tx)
  • Service technician 1