Profession gemmologist

Gemmologists value precious stones by analysing their characteristics, cut, and provenience either for trading or for further polishing efforts. They asses stones and gems to give them a market value.

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  • Gemstone grading systems

    Systems used by different institutes to analyse and grade gemstones e.g. Gemological Institute of America, Hoge Raad voor Diamant and European Gemological Laboratory.

  • Gemology

    The branch of mineralogy that studies natural and artificial gemstones.

  • Gemstones

    Types of minerals or petrified materials that are cut and polished for use in jewellery, classified according to type, characteristics, and value.


  • Operate microscope

    Operate a microscope, an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye to see.

  • Calculate value of gems

    Determine appraised value of gemstones such as diamonds and pearls; study price guides, market fluctuations and grades of rarity.

  • Identify gemstones

    Determine the identity of gemstones by doing a series of tests.

  • Examine gems

    Closely examine gemstone surfaces using polariscopes or other optical instruments.

  • Recognise fake goods

    Identify imitation and counterfeit products using methods and equipment such as microscopes and laboratory analysis in order to determine their properties.

  • Write gemstone grading report

    Write a grading report to determine the quality of gemstones.

  • Use gemstone identification equipment

    Operate equipment to identify gemstones such as scales, refractometer, and spectroscope.

  • Immerse gemstones in chemical liquid

    Use chemical solutions to identify the properties of gemstones.

Optional knowledge and skills

chemistry appraise gemstones polish gemstones precious metals trade in jewellery conduct jewellery market research advise customers on jewellery and watches model mineral deposits determine origin of gemstones alloys of precious metals cut gem stones develop jewellery designs

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