Profession hair stylist

Hair stylists wash, dry, cut and style the hair of singers and presenters and various types of actors, including stage, movie, tv and music video actors. They work together with the art director to design the look of every person. Hair stylists also dress wigs and hairpieces. They standby during these artistic activities to touch up the actors' hair or wigs.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Artistic / Enterprising


  • Hairdressing

    The processes of washing, cutting, curling, and arranging hair.

  • Personal directing styles

    Be familliar with the style of specific directors.


  • Ensure continuity in the styling of artists

    Ensure that artists are consistently styled during the production of a motion picture. Make sure that their look remains the same.

  • Consult with production director

    Consult with the director, producer and clients throughout the production and post-production process.

  • Dye hair

    Dye hair using a special solution to change its colour.

  • Finish project within budget

    Make sure to stay within budget. Adapt work and materials to budget.

  • Style hair

    Style a person's hair using the appropriate techniques and products.

  • Translate artistic concepts to technical designs

    Cooperate with the artistic team in order to facilitate the transition from the creative vision and its artistic concepts to a technical design.

  • Analyse the need for technical resources

    Define and make a list of the required resources and equipment based on the technical needs of the production.

  • Follow directions of the artistic director

    Follow the instructions of the director while understanding his creative vision.

  • Work safely with chemicals

    Take the necessary precautions for storing, using and disposing chemical products.

  • Apply hair cutting techniques

    Apply various techniques that can be used in the process of cutting a person's hair, such as layering, slicing and face framing. Give artists haircuts and shaves for stage performances.

  • Follow work schedule

    Manage the sequence of activities in order to deliver completed work on agreed deadlines by following a work schedule.

  • Analyse a script

    Break down a script by analysing the dramaturgy, form, themes and structure of a script. Conduct relevant research if necessary.

  • Keep up with trends

    Monitor and follow new trends and developments in specific sectors.

Optional knowledge and skills

manage technical resources stock lighting techniques history of hair styles maintain wigs dye wigs manage consumables stock order supplies create wigs decide on wig making process attend rehearsals design hair style photography work with the director of photography repair wigs draft styling schedule