Profession house sitter

House sitters move in the house of their employers in order to maintain security of the property during their absence. They monitor entrance areas and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the house, inspect conditions of the facility such as plumbing and heating and contact repairers if necessary. House sitters may also do some cleaning activities, forward mail and pay bills.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Disseminate messages to people

    Receive, process, and pass messages to people coming from phone calls, faxes, postal, and emails.

  • Understand instructions

    Be able to understand oral and written instructions.

  • Collect mail

    Empty the letter box on a regular basis, organising it on importance and deal with urgent mail.

  • Follow written instructions

    Follow written directions in order to perform a task or carry out a step-by-step procedure.

  • Promote human rights

    Promote and respect human rights and diversity in light of the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of autonomous individuals, taking into account their opinions, beliefs and values, and the international and national codes of ethics, as well as the ethical implications of healthcare provision, ensuring their right to privacy and honouring for the confidentiality of healthcare information.

  • Ensure private property security

    Make sure that gates and doors are locked, windows are closed and alarm systems are active, in order to prevent burglaries or theft.

  • Show responsibility

    Accept responsibility and be accountable for professional decisions of yourself or others as part of a job or one's role.

  • Monitor building security

    Check on a regular basis that the building's doors, windows, and locks are properly and securely closed and that no hazards are likely to happen.

  • Register information on arrivals and departures

    Write down information about visitors, patrons or employees, such as identity, the company they represent and time of arrival or departure.

Optional knowledge and skills

clean surfaces use gardening equipment vacuum surfaces feed pets provide pet sitting services in owners' homes stay alert comply with legal regulations maintain pool cleanliness credit card payments communicate by telephone execute inspection walkway clean rooms handle veterinary emergencies apply company policies drive vehicles nurse plants provide dog walking services park vehicles