Profession kiln firer

Kiln firers operate kilns in order to fire decorations or glazes. They determine the level and uniformity of oven temperature, regulate the temperature, and give directions to a helper in preparing firebox and lighting fires.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Optimise production processes parameters

    Optimise and maintain the parameters of the production process such as flow, temperature or pressure.

  • Observe products' behaviour

    Observe the color of fires and pyrometric cones under certain processing conditions such as high temperature.

  • Adjust oven temperature

    Adjust the oven temperature level and uniformity by correcting the fuel feed.

  • Control kiln firing

    Control and monitor the kiln so that it fires ware (greenware or deorations) according to specified thickness and hardness.

  • Store products

    Store products to ensure the quality and in accordance with standards and regulations. Ensure the stock facilities are kept according to hygiene standards, regulating temperature, heating and air conditioning of storage facilities.

  • Prepare kiln firebox

    Prepare the firebox and give indications to other workers on lighting fires.

  • Inspect quality of products

    Use various techniques to ensure the product quality is respecting the quality standards and specifications. Oversee defects, packaging and sendbacks of products to different production departments.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform kiln maintenance validate raw materials using adequate equipment manage waste kiln types health, safety and hygiene legislation write batch record documentation manage kiln ventilation maintain equipment