Profession Lathe setter-operator

Lathe setter-operator

The lathe or turning machine tool setter-operators set up, operate or tend lathes and turning machines to turn, bore, thread, form or face metal materials.

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Personality Type

Tasks lathe setter-operator

  • Read and interpret technical documentation.
  • Plan and set up (the sequence of) operations according to written specifications, tooling or other instructions.
  • Determine and select materials according to job requirements.
  • Start the lathe or turning machine.
  • Monitor the machinery during its operation, e.g. to ensure specifications are met and to detect faults and defects.
  • Adjust machine controls and change tool settings if necessary, e.g. in order to keep dimensions within specified tolerances.
  • Inspect sample workpieces to verify conformity to specifications using instruments such as gauges, micrometers, dial indicators, etc.
  • Lift metal stock or workpieces manually or using hoists, and position and secure them in machines.
  • Replace worn tools, and sharpen blunt cutting tools and dies, e.g. using bench grinders or cutter-grinding machines.
  • Maintain the lathe or turning machine.
  • Examine quality of formed metal products to detect any defects.
  • Report any problems to their supervisors.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB