Profession liquor grinding mill operator

Liquor grinding mill operators run mills that grind cracked cocoa beans or nibs of cocoa bean paste as to obtain liquid chocolate of specified consistency. They operate hoppers by sliding their gates to release cocoa nibs which then go through grinding stones.

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Personality Type


  • Types of chocolate

    Types of chocolate such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate and raw chocolate.

  • Cacao beans varieties

    Variety of cocoa beans like criollo, forastero, trinitario and their properties and characteristics to foresee the type of chocolate the cocoa can yield.


  • Tend grinding mill machine

    Operate a grinding mill that grinds grains such as cereals, cocoa beans or coffee beans to obtain powders or pastes with different consistencies and grain sizes.

  • Monitor temperature in manufacturing process of food and beverages

    Monitor and control required temperatures in the different phases of production until the product reaches suitable properties according to specifications.

  • Mould chocolate

    Mould chocolate to make chocolate pieces that are of a certain shape. Pour liquid chocolate into a mould and let it harden.

  • Analyse milled cocoa density

    Analyse milled cocoa density according to the requirements and product specifications. Apply findings to determine how much milling is needed to obtain the required fineness of the cocoa.

  • Apply GMP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Screen cocoa beans

    Screen cocoa beans to select the appropriate beans for roasting and grinding. See to it that the selected beans conform to quality standards. Clean cocoa beans with minor defects.

  • Pre-grind nibs of cocoa

    Pre-grind cocoa nibs to a paste-like consistency.

  • Apply requirements concerning manufacturing of food and beverages

    Apply and follow national, international, and internal requirements quoted in standards, regulations and other specifications related with manufacturing of food and beverages.

  • Apply HACCP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

  • Carry out checks of production plant equipment

    Carry out checks of the machinery and equipment used in the production plant. Ensure that the machinery is working properly, set machines before usage, and assure continuous operability of the equipment.

  • Separate by-products of pressed cocoa

    Separate by-products of the cocoa pressing process, such as chocolate liquor and cocoa cakes, from the cocoa butter.

  • Ensure public safety and security

    Implement the relevant procedures, strategies and use the proper equipment to promote local or national security activities for the protection of data, people, institutions, and property.

Optional knowledge and skills

tend cocoa cleaning machines act reliably set up equipment for food production mill operations label samples process from cacao to chocolate keep machines oiled for steady functioning health, safety and hygiene legislation liaise with colleagues liaise with managers follow hygienic procedures during food processing

Source: Sisyphus ODB