Profession lottery operator

Lottery operators run the day-to-day functions of lotteries. They verify and enter data into the system, prepare reports and assist the forwarding of company equipment. They operate the communication tools used. Operators install, tear down and maintain equipment.

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Personality Type


  • Data protection

    The principles, ethical issues, regulations and protocols of data protection.

  • Lottery company policies

    The rules and policies of a company involved in the lottery business.

  • Responsible gambling

    The proper behaviour when participating in a gambling game such as how to be aware of others people's reactions and why people act and react as they do.

  • Games rules

    Set of principles and rules that govern a game

  • Legal standards in gambling

    The legal requirements, rules and limitations in gambling and betting activities.


  • Communicate with customers

    Respond to and communicate with customers in the most efficient and appropriate manner to enable them to access the desired products or services, or any other help they may require.

  • Follow ethical code of conduct of gambling

    Follow the rules and ethical code used in gambling, betting and lottery. Keep the entertainment of players in mind.

  • Maintain lottery equipment

    Manage lottery equipments (mechanics and electronics) and monitor selling procedures.

  • Represent artistic production

    Represent the artistic company or production outside your day-to-day activities. Liaise with presenters and their teams. Help direct tours.

Optional knowledge and skills

lottery equipment identify indicators of problem gambling present reports gambling games maintain equipment prepare technical reports quality standards analyse gambling data

Source: Sisyphus ODB