Profession mastering engineer

Mastering engineers convert finished recordings to the desired format such as CD, vinyl and digital. They ensure the quality of the sound on all formats.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Investigative
  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Artistic


  • Audio technology

    The various technologies for producing, recording, and reproducing sound.

  • Audio mastering

    The post-production process where the finished recorded audio is transferred to a data storage device from which it will be copied.

  • Types of audiovisual formats

    Various audio and video formats, including digital.

  • Audio editing software

    The various software for editing and generating audio, such as Adobe Audition, Soundforge, and Power Sound Editor.

  • Audiovisual products

    The different types of audiovisual products and their requirements, such as documentaries, low budget movies, television series, records, CDs, and others.


  • Operate audio-signal processors

    Operate audio-signal processors to alter auditory signals.

  • Edit recorded sound

    Edit audio footage using a variety of sofware, tools, and techniques such as crossfading, speed effects, and removing unwanted noises.

  • Manage sound quality

    Perform sound checks. Set up audio equipment for optimal sound output before as well as during performance. Regulate the volume during broadcasts by controlling the audio equipment 

  • Assess sound quality

    Assess the recorded sound and music. Make sure it conforms to specifications.

  • Convert different audiovisual formats

    Ability to use specialised software to convert data from one audio and/or video format to another.

Optional knowledge and skills

audiovisual equipment audio post-production operate an audio mixing console musical genres musical instruments musical theory