Profession medical administrative assistant

Medical administrative assistants work very closely with health professionals. They provide office support such as consultants` correspondence, fixing appointments and answering queries of patients.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Realistic
  • Conventional / Social


  • Clinical reports

    The methods, assessment practices, credentials and opinions gathering procedures necessary for writing clinical reports.

  • Medical informatics

    The processes and tools used for the analysis and dissemination of medical data through computerized systems.

  • Administrative tasks in a medical environment

    The medical administrative tasks such as registration of patients, appointment systems, record keeping of patients information and repeated precribing.


  • Collect healthcare user's general data

    Collect qualitative and quantitative data related to the healthcare user's anagraphic data and provide support on filling out the present and past history questionnaire and record the measures/tests performed by the practitioner.

  • Apply organisational techniques

    Employ a set of organisational techniques and procedures which facilitate the achievement of the set goals set such as detailed planning of personnel's schedules. Use these resources efficiently and sustainably, and show flexibility when required.

  • Communicate by telephone

    Liaise via telephone by making and answering calls in a timely, professional and polite manner.

  • Type on electronic devices

    Type fast and flawless on electronic devices such as computers in order to ensure a quick and accurate data entry.

  • Manage budgets

    Conduct cost estimates and budget planning. Monitor the budget, as well as costs and expenses. Forecast the budget development continuously. Report on the budget.

  • Answer patients' questions

    Respond in a friendly and professional manner to all inquiries from current or potential patients, and their families, of a healthcare establishment.

  • Send medical samples

    Send samples containing the accurate information to the medical laboratory for testing.

  • Manage personnel agenda

    Schedule and confirm appointments for the personnel of the office, mostly managers and directive employees, with external parties.

  • Use communication techniques

    Apply techniques of communication which allow interlocutors to better understand each other and communicate accurately in the transmission of messages.

  • Maintain healthcare user data confidentiality

    Comply with and maintain the confidentiality of healthcare users` illness and treatment information.

Optional knowledge and skills

transcription methods use a computer work in a multicultural environment in health care plan schedule organise travel arrangements for staff fill out forms handle paperwork record treated patient's information comply with legislation related to health care medical terminology process medical insurance claims coordinate events allocate bills work in multidisciplinary health teams transcribe dialogues types of insurance insurance law listen actively manage accounts pathology professional documentation in health care analyse insurance needs fix meetings manage healthcare users' data monitor billing procedures communicate in foreign languages with health service providers show responsibility order supplies record healthcare users' billing information

Common job titles

  • Executive asst - primary children's hospital
  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Staff assistant - volunteer services
  • Medical receptionist
  • Administrative assistant (part-time w/be...
  • Healthcare administrative assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Medical front office receptionist
  • Fleet clerk
  • Front desk/intake specialist