Profession metal planer operator

Metal planer operators set up and operate a planer, which is a metalworking machine designed to cut excess material from a metal workpiece using linear relative motion between the planer's cutting tool and the workpiece in order to create a linear toolpath and cut.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Types of planing cutters

    Types of cutters used in the planing process of a workpiece, such as carbide tipped cutters, hydro planing cutters and others.


  • Tend metal planer

    Tend a planer machine designed to cut excess material from a workpiece in order to create a flat surface, monitor and operate it according to regulations.

  • Supply machine with appropriate tools

    Supply the machine with the necessary tools and items for a particular production purpose.

  • Dispose of cutting waste material

    Dispose of possibly hazardous waste material created in the cutting process, such as swarf, scrap and slugs, sort according to regulations, and clean up workplace.

  • Measure flatness of a surface

    Measure the evenness of a workpiece's surface after it has been processed by checking for deviations from the desired perpendicular state.

  • Operate metal sheet shaker

    Operate shaker by opening up an air valve allowing for slugs, the parts of the workpiece punched out, to fall into the shaker and be mixed and shaken before they're either recycled and reused or discarded, depending on the material.

Optional knowledge and skills

apply cross-reference tools for product identification manufacturing of weapons and ammunition perform machine maintenance perform product testing ferrous metal processing mark processed workpiece provide advice to technicians record production data for quality control manufacturing of metal containers inspect quality of products cutting technologies manufacturing of heating equipment monitor conveyor belt operate manual planer replace machines operate scrap vibratory feeder smooth burred surfaces operate lifting equipment