Profession metal polisher

Metal polishers use metal working equipment and machinery to polish and buff almost finished metal workpieces in order to enhance their smoothness and appearance and to remove oxidisation, tarnishing the metal after the other fabrication processes. They may operate equipment using diamond solutions, silicon-made polishing pads, or working wheels with a leather polishing strop, and tend to these materials ensuring their effectiveness.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Buffing motions

    The different processes, or motions, used in polishing, depending on the desired end result concerning the level of smoothness and shininess of the metal workpiece: cut motion or colour motion.


  • Spot metal imperfections

    Observe and identify various kinds of imperfections in metal workpieces or finished products. Recognise the best fitted manner of fixing the problem, which could be caused by corrosion, rust, fractures, leaks, and other signs of wear.

  • Apply polishing lubricants

    Apply the appropriate lubricant matching the kind of metal of the processed metal workpiece during polishing processes, such as was or kerosene.

Optional knowledge and skills

mark processed workpiece non-ferrous metal processing monitor automated machines consult technical resources smooth burred surfaces supply machine with appropriate tools measure flatness of a surface manufacturing of cutlery types of metal manufacturing processes manufacturing of weapons and ammunition apply precision metalworking techniques abrasive machining processes manufacturing of light metal packaging keep records of work progress precious metal processing metal polishing machine parts inspect quality of products manufacturing of small metal parts manufacturing of metal household articles tend metal polishing machine ferrous metal processing manufacturing of door furniture from metal metal smoothing technologies manufacturing of metal assembly products operate metal polishing equipment provide advice to technicians record production data for quality control operate sandblaster perform machine maintenance