Profession mine safety officer

Mine safety officers oversee health and safety systems at mining operations. They report workplace accidents, compile accident statistics, estimate risks to employee safety and health, and suggest solutions or new measurements and techniques.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Mine safety legislation

    The laws, regulations and codes of practice relevant to safety in mining operations.

  • Impact of geological factors on mining operations

    Be aware of the impact of geological factors, such as faults and rock movements, on mining operations.


  • Investigate mine accidents

    Conduct investigation of mining accidents; identify unsafe working conditions and develop measures for improvement.

  • Maintain records of mining operations

    Maintain records of mine production and development performance, including performance of machinery.

  • Conduct inter-shift communication

    Communicate relevant information about the conditions in the workplace, progress, events, and potential problems to the workers in the next shift.

  • Ensure compliance with safety legislation

    Implement safety programmes to comply with national laws and legislation. Ensure that equipment and processes are compliant with safety regulations.

  • Inspect mine safety conditions

    Inspect mining areas to ensure safe working conditions and equipment.

  • Assist blood sample collection

    Cooperate with medical team in blood sample collection.

  • Train employees in mine safety

    Organise mine safety training sessions for workers, supervisors and management.

  • Address problems critically

    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of various abstract, rational concepts, such as issues, opinions, and approaches related to a specific problematic situation in order to formulate solutions and alternative methods of tackling the situation.

  • Conduct drug abuse tests

    Conduct alcohol and drug tests according to government and company policies and procedures. Conducts random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing using basic equipment.

  • Deal with pressure from unexpected circumstances

    Strive to achieve objectives despite the pressures arising from unexpected factors outside of your control.

  • Assist employee health programmes

    Support and provide assistance to health and safety engineer and medical staff in implementing employee health programmes.

  • Manage emergency procedures

    React quickly in case of emergency and set planned emergency procedures in motion.

Optional knowledge and skills

health and safety hazards underground mechanics chemistry electricity