Profession mineral crushing operator

Mineral crushing operators operate and monitor crushers and other machines to crush materials and minerals. They move stones to the crushers, fill the machines with minerals, monitor the crushing process and ensure that the end products meet requirements.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of stone for working

    Different types of stone that stonemasons and other stone workers use to process into building materials. The mechanical properties of stone, such as their weight, tensile strength, durability. Economical properties such as cost, transport and sourcing.


  • Use personal protection equipment

    Make use of protection equipment according to training, instruction and manuals. Inspect the equipment and use it consistently.

  • Set up machine controls

    Set up or adjust machine controls to regulate conditions such as material flow, temperature, or pressure.

  • Maneuver stone blocks

    Maneuver the blocks of stone, placing them in the correct position in the machine bed using electric hoist, wooden blocks and wedges.

  • Measure materials

    Measure the raw materials prior to their loading in the mixer or in machines, ensuring they conform with the specifications.

  • Operate crusher

    Operate machines designed to crush rocks, ores, large coal lumps, and other materials. Work with a jaw crusher, which vibrates to force rocks through a vertical V-shaped rack in order to crush them, or a cone crusher which spins a helical element.

Optional knowledge and skills

weigh materials operate raw mineral size reduction equipment operate bulldozer maintain equipment mechanics perform test run brush the equipment record production data report defective manufacturing materials clean waste materials from machines monitor machine operations monitor conveyor belt keep records of work progress collect samples consult technical resources