Profession mining electrician

Mining electricians install, maintain and repair specialised electrical mining equipment using their knowledge of electrical principles.  They also monitor mine electricity supply.

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  • Electricity

    Understand the principles of electricity and electrical power circuits, as well as the associated risks.

  • Electronics

    The functioning of electronic circuit boards, processors, chips, and computer hardware and software, including programming and applications. Apply this knowledge to ensure electronic equipment runs smoothly.

  • Electrical mine machinery manuals

    Understand equipment manuals, including schematic drawings and electric circuit diagrams.


  • Communicate mine equipment information

    Communicate transparently and efficiently with mine production management and machine operators. Pass on any relevant information such as outages, efficiency and productivity of the equipment.

  • Maintain electrical mine machinery

    Inspect and conduct planned maintenance of electrical mining equipment. Conduct routine repairs and replace damaged components. Analyse test results and machine error messages.

  • Train operators in using mine machinery

    Demonstrate mining equipment features and functions to machine operators.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Install electrical mining machinery

    Assemble and disassemble electrical mining machinery. Requires hand and eye coordination and spatial awareness.

  • Report mine machinery repairs

    Record repair and maintenance tasks executed.

  • Maintain records of mining operations

    Maintain records of mine production and development performance, including performance of machinery.

  • Test mine equipment

    Test newly repaired machinery or mining equipment to ensure correct operation.

  • Conduct inter-shift communication

    Communicate relevant information about the conditions in the workplace, progress, events, and potential problems to the workers in the next shift.

Optional knowledge and skills

health and safety hazards underground impact of geological factors on mining operations electrical engineering

Source: Sisyphus ODB