Profession Musical instrument maker

Musical instrument maker

Musical instrument makers build and repair musical instruments such as pianos, string instruments, organs etc. according to traditional methods.

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Personality Type

Tasks musical instrument maker

  • Perform an expert evaluation or valuation of a musical instrument, e.g. assess the date of construction and the builder of instrument, and estimate costs of making or repairing instruments for clients.
  • Restore antique musical instruments using various techniques.
  • Disassemble instruments and parts for repair and adjustment.
  • Reassemble instruments after repair, e.g. using hand tools, power tools and glue, hair, yarn, resin or clamps, and lubricate instruments as necessary.
  • Tune instruments.
  • Repair instruments using synthetic or special materials, such as ivory or horn.
  • Repair cracks in wood or metal instruments using pinning wire, lathes, fillers, clamps or soldering irons.
  • Polish instruments using rags and polishing compounds, buffing wheels or burnishing tools.
  • String instruments and adjust trusses and bridges to obtain specified string tensions and heights.
  • Build musical instruments using various materials, such as metal, wood, synthetic and special materials (e.g. ivory, horn).

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Source: Sisyphus ODB