Profession musical instrument technician

Musical instrument technicians maintain, tune and repair musical instruments such as pianos, pipe organs, band instruments, violins and other instruments.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Realistic / Artistic


  • Musical instruments

    The different musical instruments, their ranges, timbre, and possible combinations.

  • Musical instruments materials

    The characteristics of composite materials, felts, glues, leathers and skins, metals and precious metals, woods and wood derivatives to create musical instruments.

  • Tuning techniques

    Tuning pitches and techniques and musical temperaments for the various instruments.


  • Maintain musical instruments

    Check and maintain musical instruments.

  • Assemble musical instrument parts

    Assemble parts together such as the body, strings, buttons, keys, and others to create the final musical instrument.

  • Rewire electronic musical instruments

    Rewire any lose wiring or solder any loose ends of electronic musical instruments.

  • Tune stringed musical instruments

    Tune any parts of stringed musical instruments that are off-key, by using various tuning techniques.

  • Prevent technical problems with musical instruments

    Anticipate technical problems with musical instruments and prevent them where possible. Tune and play musical instruments for sound check before rehearsal or performance.

  • Restore musical instruments

    Restore old musical instruments to their original condition and conserve them in that state.

  • Tune keyboard music instruments

    Tune any parts of keyboard musical instruments that are off-key, by using various tuning techniques.

  • Identify customer's needs

    Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.

  • Repair musical instruments

    Attach new strings, fix frames or replace broken parts of musical instruments.

Optional knowledge and skills

acoustics estimate value of musical instruments woodturning pass on trade techniques evaluate restoration procedures estimate restoration costs trade in musical instruments create musical instrument parts play musical instruments apply restoration techniques design musical instruments metalworking verify product specifications history of musical instruments decorate musical instruments musical instrument accessories organic building materials

Common job titles

  • Stringed instrument support technician
  • Instrumentation technician i
  • Quality assurance technician - amplifier software
  • Repair technician - gear
  • Stringed instrument repair technician
  • Adjunct college laboratory technician in music and art department
  • Pro audio technician
  • Exhibits technician
  • Specialist, repair shop
  • Guitar technician