Profession nonwoven filament machine operator

Nonwoven filament machine operators perform chemical nonwoven processing operations.

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Personality Type


  • Nonwoven machine technology

    Manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics according to specification. Development, manufacture, properties and evaluation of nonwoven fabrics.

  • Textile chemistry

    Chemical processing of textiles such as the reactions of textiles to chemicals.


  • Manufacture textile floor coverings

    Produce textile floor coverings by tending machines, sewing parts, and applying finishing touches to products such as carpets, rugs, and made up textile floor covering articles.

  • Control textile process

    Plan and monitor textile production to achieve control on behalf of quality, productivity and delivery time.

  • Manufacture non-woven filament products

    Perform the operation, monitoring and maintenance of machines and processes to manufacture nonwoven filament products, keeping efficiency and productivity at high levels.

Optional knowledge and skills

textile industry evaluate textile characteristics produce textile samples manufacture man-made fibres tend spinning machines textile materials prepare raw materials for man-made fibres manufacturing textile technologies basic chemicals

Source: Sisyphus ODB