Profession oil rig motorhand

Oil rig motorhands assume responsibility for the engines powering the drilling equipment. They ensure that all other rig equipment operates correctly.

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Personality Type


  • Mechanical tools

    Understand machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

  • Mechanics

    Theoretical and practical applications of the science studying the action of displacements and forces on physical bodies to the development of machinery and mechanical devices.

  • Electricity

    Understand the principles of electricity and electrical power circuits, as well as the associated risks.

  • Rigging terminology

    Terms for lifting equipment, lifting accessories, slings, shackles, wires, ropes, chains, cables and nets.


  • Maintain mechanical equipment

    Observe and listen to machinery operation to detect malfunction. Service, repair, adjust, and test machines, parts, and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of mechanical principles. Maintain and repair vehicles meant for cargo, passengers, farming and landscaping.

  • Set up drilling rigs

    Build up the drilling rig and prepare it for use after selecting an appropriate drilling location. Dismantle the drilling rig after the operations have finished.

  • Direct rigging equipment operators

    Provide guidance to rigging equipment operator; provide assistance during setting up and removing rigging equipment.

  • Use rigging equipment

    Set up rolling and lifting equipment required to lift and move objects e.g. with a crane or block and tackle system.

  • Lift heavy weights

    Lift heavy weights and apply ergonomic lifting techniques to avoid damaging the body.

  • Move rigging equipment

    Transport rigging materials and equipment to work locations; set up work site.

  • Work in drilling teams

    Ability to work confidently within a drilling team on a drilling rig or oil platform with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.

  • Transport drilling rigs

    Move and relocate drilling rigs from one site to another with a specialised transportation truck.

  • Operate rig motors

    Operate, maintain and repair rig motors.

Optional knowledge and skills

train crew members guide cranes guide drill pipes lead drilling crews

Source: Sisyphus ODB