Profession optical disc moulding machine operator

Optical disc moulding machine operators tend moulding machines that melts polycarbonate pellets and inject the plastic into a mould cavity. The plastic is then cooled and solidifies, bearing the marks that can be digitally read.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Coating substances

    Have knowledge of various types of coating, providing a workpiece with one or more finishing layers of resins, sugars, powders, inactive and insoluable fillers, waxes, gums, plasticisers, colouring materials, lacquer, and others.


  • Manipulate plastic

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of plastic.

  • Electroform

    Electroform music or computer data from a glass master on a nickel submaster in a chemical bath.

  • Place record labels

    Place record labels over top and bottom centre pins of the press, manually or by the use of lacquers.

  • Tend injection moulding machine

    Operate and monitor a machine that contains a reciprocating screw that forces the raw material forwards while inducing melting, and injects the molten plastic into a mould.

  • Run test pressings

    Run a series of test pressings, testing both the stamper and the moulded disc before initiating the production process.

Optional knowledge and skills

apply a protective layer handle etching chemicals pack fragile items for transportation prepare workpieces for engraving master disc manufacturing extract products from moulds perform machine maintenance trim excess materials retain record samples oversee quality control tend stamping press record production data for quality control clean moulds prepare workpieces for etching check quality of raw materials screen printing process wear appropriate protective gear keep records of work progress