Profession paper bag machine operator

Paper bag machine operators tend a machine that takes in paper, folds it and glues it to produce paper bags of various sizes, shapes, and grades of strength.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Packaging processes

    Packaging design and development. Decorating and printing processes executed in packaging. Pckaging machinery and line operations.


  • Stack paper bags

    Manually remove finished paper bags from the paper bag machine and stack them onto piles in crates or boxes for further packaging and transporting.

  • Work safely with machines

    Check and safely operate machines and equipment required for your work according to manuals and instructions.

  • Adjust paper bag machine

    Control output of paper bags and be able to make minor adjustments to ensure the side seals, wicket holes, and lip size are within product or company specifications.

  • Operate paper bag machine

    Tend a machine that automatically measures, prints, cuts, folds, and glues paper material to paper bags. Make sure that finished bags are uniform.

Optional knowledge and skills

consult technical resources remove excess glue record production data for quality control check quality of raw materials mix ink prevent paper jams tend automatic sewing machines sizes of paper trim excess materials stitch paper materials report defective manufacturing materials adjust properties of cut operate rotary press keep records of work progress perform machine maintenance pack goods clean equipment prepare production reports types of paper operate creasing machinery operate flexographic printing machine