Profession paper pulp moulding operator

Paper pulp moulding operators tend a machine that moulds paper pulp in various shapes, usually for use in lightweight but sturdy packaging material, such as egg boxes.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of moulded fibres

    Field of information which distinguishes different kinds of moulded fibres such as thickwall, transfer moulded, thermoformed, and processed fibre types.

  • Types of pulp

    Kinds of pulp are distinguished based on their fibre type and the specific chemical processes through which they were created.


  • Work safely with machines

    Check and safely operate machines and equipment required for your work according to manuals and instructions.

  • Use moulding techniques

    Apply moulding techniques.

  • Operate pulp moulding machine

    Shape paperboard flats by using formation moulds, which vacuum pulp and windsoft the excess material. Transfer the materials to a conveyor belt. Apply waterproof lubricants so the flats won't stick to the mould and put the flats in an oven, after which the rigid material is stacked and made ready to be packaged.

  • Maintain mould parts

    Carry out minor repair tasks and maintenance of moulds and mould parts.

  • Monitor pulp quality

    Avoid lesser quality and lower grades of recycled paper and pulp by keeping an eye open for stickies, plastics, colour, unbleached fibres, brightness, and dirt.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform machine maintenance feed pulp mixing vat maintain recycling records adjust curing ovens tend packaging machines report defective manufacturing materials dispose of non-hazardous waste clean moulds consult technical resources test paper production samples select mould types coordinate shipments of recycling materials monitor gauge operate pulper keep records of work progress concentrate pulp slurry extract products from moulds record production data for quality control deinking processes inspect quality of products prepare production reports grade pulp