Profession personal property appraiser

Personal property appraisers undertake detailed analysis and investigation of personal items such as books, wine, arts and antiques in order to determine their value for sales and insurance purposes. They assess the value of the items, taking into account the age, current condition, quality and if any repairs are required. Personal property appraisers prepare appraisal reports.

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Personality Type


  • Risk management

    The process of identifying, assessing, and prioritising of all types of risks and where they could come from, such as natural causes, legal changes, or uncertainty in any given context, and the methods on dealing with risks effectively.

  • Insurance law

    The law and legislation concerning the policies of transferring risks or losses from one party, the insured, to another, the insurer, in exchange for a periodic payment. This includes the regulation of insurance claims and the business of insurance.


  • Compile appraisal reports

    Compile full reports of appraisals of properties, businesses, or other goods and services being appraised using all the data gathered during the appraisal and valuation process, such as financial history, ownership, and developments.

  • Analyse insurance needs

    Gather information about the insurance needs of a client, and give information and advice about all possible insurance options.

  • Analyse insurance risk

    Analyse the probability and size of the risk that is to be insured, and estimate the value of movable or immovable property of the client.

  • Determine resale value of items

    Examine items to search for any damages or signs of deterioration and take into account the current demand for used goods of the item's nature in order to set a likely price at which the item can be resold, and to determine the manner in which the item can be sold.

  • Perform market research

    Gather, assess and represent data about target market and customers in order to facilitate strategic development and feasibility studies. Identify market trends.

  • Obtain financial information

    Gather information on securities, market conditions, governmental regulations and the financial situation, goals and needs of clients or companies.

Optional knowledge and skills

estimate value of musical instruments organise a damage assessment evaluate art quality assess customer credibility estimate value of used jewellery and watches calculate value of gems estimate value of used goods estimate value of clocks art-historical values estimate restoration costs of antique items research market prices for antiques

Source: Sisyphus ODB