Profession plate glass installer

Plate glass installers fit panes of glass into windows and other structural elements like glass doors, walls, façades and other structures.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Install construction profiles

    Install a variety of metal or plastic profiles used to attach materials to each other or to structural elements. Cut them to size if called for.

  • Use safety equipment in construction

    Use elements of protective clothing such as steel-tipped shoes, and gear such as protective goggles, in order to minimise risk of accidents in construction and to mitigate any injury if an accident does occur.

  • Install glass frames

    Securely set frames in place to be fitted with glass panes. Set storefront frames, balustrades, and curtain wall framing for a variety of usage cases.

  • Handle broken glass sheets

    Handle the damaged glass sheets so that they do not collapse into the kiln by closing the roll of the drawing kiln.

  • Use measurement instruments

    Use different measurement instruments depending on the property to be measured. Utilise various instruments to measure length, area, volume, speed, energy, force, and others.

  • Interpret 2D plans

    Interpret and understand plans and drawings in manufacturing processes which include representations in two dimensions.

  • Cut glass

    Use glass cutting tools or diamond blades to cut pieces out of glass plates, including mirrors.

  • Remove glass from windows

    Remove glass from windows without causing damage. Inspect the windows and take the necessary steps, like removing putty and prying out glazer's points. Recover the pane in one piece and clean it if called for.

  • Install frameless glass

    Set frameless glass panes, usually in showers and on bathtubs. Use plastic shims to make sure the glass doesn't touch any hard surfaces, which may cause scratching or breaking. Make sure the glass is level and attach any brackets to keep the glass in place. Waterproof the edges with silicone rubber caulk.

  • Transport construction supplies

    Bring construction materials, tools and equipment to the construction site and store them properly taking various aspects into account such as the workers' safety and protection from deterioration.

  • Smooth glass edges

    Use automated abrasive belts to smooth or shape glass edges.

  • Follow health and safety procedures in construction

    Apply the relevant health and safety procedures in construction in order to prevent accidents, pollution and other risks.

  • Adjust glass sheets

    Adjust glass sheets` thickness, according to the gauge readings, using asbestos pads on the sides of the kilns` cooling jacket.

  • Smooth glass surface

    Smooth glass or lens surfaces of optical instruments with grinding and polishing tools, such as diamond tools.

  • Inspect construction supplies

    Check construction supplies for damage, moisture, loss or other problems before using the material.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

  • Manipulate glass

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of glass.

  • Interpret 3D plans

    Interpret and understand plans and drawings in manufacturing processes which include representations in three dimensions.

  • Use shims

    Set shims in gaps to keep objects firmly in place. Use the suitable size and type of shim, depending on the purpose.

  • Inspect glass sheet

    Inspect the drawn sheets of glass in order to detect any flows such as blisters or stones, signalling the defective glass sheets.

  • Rinse glass

    Rinse the glass following the bevelling process using water in order to remove the abrasive residue.

Optional knowledge and skills

use squaring pole keep personal administration install structural glazing maintain work area cleanliness work in a construction team apply a protective layer glass coatings follow safety procedures when working at heights process incoming construction supplies install sill pan monitor stock level install insulation material rig loads build scaffolding manage waste apply insulation strips create architectural sketches assemble windows pack fragile items for transportation calculate needs for construction supplies set window maintain equipment assemble insulating glazing units set up temporary construction site infrastructure keep records of work progress order construction supplies install roof windows types of glazing