Profession postman / postwoman

Postmen and sorting clerks perform sorting, recording, delivery and other duties in connection with mail services from post offices or related organisations, as well as from or within an establishment.

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  • Mail controller, mail machine operator
  • Post office counter clerk
  • Post sorting or distributing clerk


  • Data protection

    The principles, ethical issues, regulations and protocols of data protection.

  • Geographic areas

    Know the geographic area in detail; know where different organisations carry out operations.

  • Road traffic laws

    Understand road traffic laws and the rules of the road.


  • Differentiate types of packages

    Identify and differentiate different kinds of mail items and packages to be delivered. Consider their differences to foresee the necessary tools required for delivery.

  • Follow given instructions

    Follow instructions to achieve goals and meet deadlines.

  • Act reliably

    Proceed in a way that one can be relied on or depended on.

  • Analyse ways to reduce travel time

    Analyse prospective improvements in journey efficiency through reduction of travel time by modifying itineraries and outlining alternatives.

  • Handle mail

    Handle mail considering data protection issues, health and safety requirements, and specifications of different kinds of mail.

  • Interpret traffic signals

    Observe lights on the road, road conditions, nearby traffic, and prescribed speed limits to ensure safety. Interpret traffic signals and act accordingly.

  • Organise mail deliveries

    Organise mail and small package deliveries in an efficient, confidential, and safe manner.

  • Use geographic information systems

    Work with computer data systems such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • Establish daily priorities

    Establish daily priorities for staff personnel. Effectively deal with multi-task workload.

  • Ensure the integrity of mail

    Ensure the integrity of letters and packages to avoid damage. Ensure that packages are delivered to clients in the same condition they were collected in.

  • Maintain privacy of service users

    Respect and maintain the dignity and privacy of the client, protecting his or her confidential information and clearly explaining policies about confidentiality to the client and other parties involved.

  • Implement environmental protection measures

    Enforce environmental criteria to prevent environmental damage. Strive for the efficient use of resources in order to prevent waste and reduce costs. Motivate colleagues to take relevant steps to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Operate mailing information systems

    Operate mailing information systems in order to record the processing and handling of mail. Record faults and identify packages that were not delivered. Ensure mail and small packages are traceable until they are delivered to the recipients.

Optional knowledge and skills

drive two-wheeled vehicles drive in urban areas apply information security policies secure sensitive customer's information contact customers communicate with customers respond to customers' inquiries

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