Profession precast moulder

Precast moulders handcast decorative and structural concrete building products such as fireplace units, blocks or coloured tiles. They use a portable concrete-mixing machine.

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Personality Type


  • Ensure mould uniformity

    Oversee uniformity of moulds; use casting equipment and tools such as hand press.

  • Cast concrete sections

    Cast tops and bottoms or other electrolytic cells concrete sections using power tools.

  • Settle concrete

    Settle the concrete using the vibrating tables.

  • Feed concrete mixer

    Feed the concrete mixer with cement, sand, water, rock or other required materials using the shovel, making sure the specifications are met.

  • Dump batches

    Dump the batches into conveyors making sure the specifications such as the mixing time are followed.

  • Prevent casting adhesion

    Prevent the casting sticking to the moulds by brushing the mould with oil, hot wax or graphite solution, according to the specification of each casting component.

  • Mix moulding and casting material

    Measure and mix ingredients for casting and moulding materials, according to appropriate formula.

  • Remove finished casts

    Open mould and safely remove the finished cast from within.

  • Mix concrete

    Use compact concrete mixers or various ad-hoc containers such as wheelbarrows to mix concrete. Prepare the correct quantities of cement, water, aggregate and optional added ingredients, and mix the ingredients until an homogenous concrete is formed.

  • Reinforce concrete

    Reinforce concrete by inserting reinforcing steel members.

Optional knowledge and skills

personal protective equipment load pallets keep records of work progress clean mixer various types of sand use personal protection equipment maintain equipment adjust curing ovens operate furnace transfer bricks

Source: Sisyphus ODB