Profession Printing machine operator

Printing machine operator

Printing machine operators set up or operate various types of printing machines, such as offset, letterset, intaglio, or gravure presses or screen printers to produce print on paper or other materials.

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Tasks printing machine operator

  • Read printing instructions to determine job details, such as quantity, delivery date and materials needed to carry out the printing order.
  • Select and install, according to specifications, printing equipment and materials, such as printing plates, rollers, feed guides, gauges, screens, stencils, type, dies and cylinders, using hand tools.
  • Perform a test run.
  • Make adjustments if necessary.
  • Monitor feeding, printing quality and racking processes of presses to maintain specified operating levels and to detect problems during printing.
  • Make any necessary adjustments during printing.
  • Collect and store printed materials.
  • Prepare and pack printed materials for shipping or transport.
  • Maintain and clean printing equipment.
  • Make reports of printing jobs for invoicing.

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