Profession record press operator

Record press operators tend a machine that presses vinyl with a negative impression of a master disc. As pressure is applied, the vinyl is forced into the grooves of the master disc and a playable record is obtained.

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Personality Type


  • Quality standards

    The national and international requirements, specifications and guidelines to ensure that products, services and processes are of good quality and fit for purpose.


  • Supply machine

    Ensure the machine is fed the necessary and adequate materials and control the placement or automatic feed and retrieval of work pieces in the machines or machine tools on the production line.

  • Manipulate plastic

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of plastic.

  • Operate record press

    Operate the steam-hydraulic press that moulds plastic compounds into phonograph records. They can also be used for the pressing of handmade paper.

  • Monitor automated machines

    Continuously check up on the automated machine's set-up and execution or make regular control rounds. If necessary, record and interpret data on the operating conditions of installations and equipment in order to identify abnormalities.

  • Place record labels

    Place record labels over top and bottom centre pins of the press, manually or by the use of lacquers.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Detect flaws in record

    Examine record for flaws such as discolouration and scratches.

  • Operate hydraulic machinery controls

    Use correctly the controls of specialized machinery by turning valves, handwheels, or rheostats to move and control flow of fuels, water, and dry or liquid binders to machines.

  • Set up the controller of a machine

    Set up and give commands to a machine by dispatching the appropriate data and input into the (computer) controller corresponding with the desired processed product.

  • Perform test run

    Perform tests putting a system, machine, tool or other equipment through a series of actions under actual operating conditions in order to assess its reliability and suitability to realise its tasks, and adjust settings accordingly.

Optional knowledge and skills

hydraulics vinyl records remove processed workpiece mould vinyl records maintain hydraulic systems apply a protective layer electroplating metal materials perform machine maintenance wear appropriate protective gear clean moulds add colour tend electroplating machine measure materials monitor electroplating baths record production data for quality control pack fragile items for transportation keep records of work progress electroplating processes retain record samples

Source: Sisyphus ODB