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Restoration technicians overhaul old and classic cars.

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  • Types of vehicles

    Field of information which distinguishes rental agency classification systems, containing types and classes of vehicles and their functioning and components.

  • Types of vehicle engines

    Types of car engines in road and racing cars, inclusing those with emerging technologies like Hybrids and electric motors, and how they work.

  • Car controls

    The functioning of specific car equipment such as how to operate and handle the clutch, throttle, lighting, instrumentation, transmission and the brakes.


  • Provide customized upholstery

    Install custom upholstery, according to the customer's individual requests and preferences.

  • Use color matching techniques

    Apply specific techniques in order to match different colours.

  • Perform upholstery repair

    Repair/restore damaged upholstery for a wide range of vehicles; use materials such as fabric, leather, plastic or vinyl.

  • Perform technical tasks with great care

    Avoiding possible risks and unwanted outcomes by watching carefully over all parts of a machine, device or vehicle and executing processes of production, maintenance or repair with great care.

  • Assemble final product

    Install and mechanically adjust all components and subsystems, according to factory regulations and legal standards.

  • Ensure quality assurance standards for vehicles

    Implement and monitor the maintenance, repair and/or recondition of vehicles ensuring all quality assurance standards are met.

  • Perform upholstery restoration of classic cars

    Preserve and repair/restore the upholstery of vintage or classic cars; add a new look to the vehicles’ original aspect.

  • Repair door panels

    Repair vehicle door panels using materials such as leather, vinyl or plastic.

  • Ensure customer focus

    Attitude that puts customers at the centre of the business in all cases.

  • Carry out repairs of convertible roof covers

    Repair/replace the vinyl or canvas roof covers of convertible cars.

  • Guarantee customer satisfaction

    Handle customer expectations in a professional manner, anticipating and addressing their needs and desires. Provide flexible customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Estimate restoration costs

    Estimate the cost implications of restoring and replacing products or parts.

  • Carry out measurements of parts

    Operate measurement instruments to measure parts of manufactured objects. Take into consideration specifications of manufacturers to perform the measuring.

  • Perform full leather conversions

    Decorate the inside of a vehicle with customised leather upholstery.

Optional knowledge and skills

leather products maintenance maintain work area cleanliness perform metal work drive vehicles gather information to substitute parts perform minor vehicle repairs process payments fabric types carry out parts purchasing maintain parts inventory perform manual work autonomously electrical wiring plans parts pricing maintain vehicle records types of paint

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