Profession Road paviour

Road paviour

Road paviours prepare the surface, lay pavements (e.g., roads, paths, sidewalks) and finish the pavement.

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Tasks road paviour

  • Determine, depending on the local soil conditions, the amount of base materials needed and supply the materials.
  • Remove old sidewalk or existing soil and excavate to the proper depth.
  • Bring the surface to the proper height by adding sand.
  • Apply edge restraints, gutters, gulleys and drains, and connect these to the sewer.
  • Determine the paver layout pattern and create markings, e.g. for joints and stringlines.
  • Cut paving stones to size, e.g. using a masonry saw or a grinding machine.
  • Set pavers with different techniques and tools (e.g. hand and power tools).
  • Tamp the entire paving surface in both directions until surface is smooth, for example using a mechanical plate tamper.
  • Sweep sand into the joints until they are full.
  • Confer with client or supervisor after job completion prior to opening to traffic.

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