Profession rubber goods assembler

Rubber goods assemblers manufacture rubber products such as water bottles, swim fins, and rubber gloves. They fasten ferrules, buckles, and straps to rubber goods, and also wrap fabric tape around closures and ferrules.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Manipulate rubber products

    Use tools and equipment in order to form rubber parts or rubber end products, by performing operations such as cutting, shaping or cementing.

  • Brush rubber cement

    Brush rubber cement on closures and valves or on the sides of the already processed rubber plies.

  • Fasten rubber goods

    Fasten ferrules, buckles, straps, to rubber goods.

  • Use personal protection equipment

    Make use of protection equipment according to training, instruction and manuals. Inspect the equipment and use it consistently.

  • Prepare rubber materials

    Prepare and place correctly the rubber materials in order to be assembled.

  • Apply health and safety standards

    Adhere to standards of hygiene and safety established by respective authorities.

  • Monitor machine operations

    Observing machine operations and evaluating product quality thereby ensuring conformity to standards.

  • Use tools for castings repair

    Construct and repair castings and equipment using hand tools, machine tools, and measuring instruments. Safely carry out emergency or temporary repairs. Take measures to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Apply fabric tape

    Apply fabric tape around closures and ferrules to wrap rubber goods.

Optional knowledge and skills

oversee stock quality control use power tools provide training manufacturing of sports equipment plan the stocking of products manage distribution channels monitor stock movement mechanical tools