Profession script supervisor

Script supervisors are responsible for the continuity of the movie or television program. They watch every shot to make sure that it's according to the script. Script supervisors ensure that during editing the story makes visual and verbal sense and does not contain any continuity errors.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Realistic


  • Film production process

    The various development stages of making a film, such as scriptwriting, financing, shooting, editing, and distribution.


  • Study relationships between characters

    Study characters in scripts and their relationships to each other.

  • Work with an artistic team

    Work closely with directors, fellow actors and playwrights to find the ideal interpretation to a role.

  • Ensure visual quality of the set

    Inspect and amend the scenery and set-dressing to make sure the visual quality is optimal with in constraints of time, budget and manpower.

  • Prepare continuity reports

    Write detailed continuity notes and make photographs or sketches of each actor and camera position for each shot. Report all shot timings and camera movements, whether the scene is shot during the day or at night, any scene changes and their implications, all camera details including lenses and focal distances, and any inconsistencies.

  • Consult with production director

    Consult with the director, producer and clients throughout the production and post-production process.

  • Work with motion picture editing team

    Work together with the motion picture editing team during post-production. Make sure the finished product is according to specifications and creative vision.

  • Edit scripts

    Rewrite scripts. Change dialogue. Mark scripts with relevant information for post-production.

  • Analyse a script

    Break down a script by analysing the dramaturgy, form, themes and structure of a script. Conduct relevant research if necessary.

  • Observe shots

    Observe every movie shot closely during shooting and make notes.

  • Work with pre-production team

    Consult with the pre-production team about expectations, requirements, budget, etc.

  • Check continuity requirements

    Make sure every scene and shot make verbal and visual sense. Make sure everything is according to the script.

  • Work with the director of photography

    Work with the director of photography on the artistic and creative vision that needs to be followed during production of a movie or theatre production.

Optional knowledge and skills

watch scenes adapt a script design lighting supervise camera crew edit recorded sound lead cast and crew set up cameras dress actors select camera apertures supervise sound production edit digital moving images perform video editing operate a camera

Common job titles

  • Script supervisor new media pilot presentation
  • Lighting supervisor - turn 10 studios
  • Production assistant
  • Script supervisor, harry
  • Stage supervisor
  • Call center supervisor (coach)
  • Supervisor - eligibility - ubc
  • Customer service supervisor/call center
  • Call center sales supervisor
  • Supervisor, communications