Profession sectional belt mould assembler

Sectional belt mould assemblers operate the machine that presses belts into a V-shape. They stretch the belt around the mould and start the machine.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Create V-shape wrap

    Create V-shape wrap using the rollers to press the belts.

  • Stretch belts

    Stretch the belts to fit the moulds, fastening multiple moulds using a metal rod nut.

  • Secure the liner

    Secure the liners by tying the cords around them.

  • Thread cloth liner

    Thread around moulds the cloth liner already soaked with water.

  • Prepare assembled moulds for finishing

    Prepare the already assembled moulds for further finishing by setting them between twin parallel power rollers.

Optional knowledge and skills

move filled moulds extract products from moulds select mould types repair mould defects report defective manufacturing materials use moulding techniques maintain moulds