Profession security alarm investigator

Security alarm investigators respond to burglar alarm signals and investigate disturbances identified by the alarm system on the clients' premises. They monitor security alarms and other surveillance devices and contact police in cases of trespassing.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Enterprising


  • Security in commercial buildings

    Security procedures, characteristics, tasks and risks in commercial areas and institutions such as banks, malls, tourist spots, hotels and restaurants.

  • Locking mechanisms

    Types and characteristics of locking devices and key types such as tumble, rotating disc or rotating pin.

  • Building's electronic access equipment

    The types, characteristics and methods of use of electronic equipment used to access facilities such as card access control panels, card readers or infra-red readers.

  • Security in industrial buildings

    Security procedures, characteristics, tasks and risks encountered in industrial areas such as factories, ports, warehouses and mines.

  • Surveillance methods

    Surveillance methods used in the gathering of information and intelligence for investigation purposes.


  • Apply safety management

    Apply and supervise measures and regulations concerning security and safety in order to maintain a safe environment in the workplace.

  • Operate radio equipment

    Set up and operate radio devices and accessories, such as broadcast consoles, amplifiers, and microphones. Understand the basics of radio operator language and, when necessary, provide instruction in handling radio equipment correctly.

  • Liaise with security authorities

    Respond quickly to security incidents and violations by calling the police and keep in touch with other relevant parties involved in the potential prosecution of the offender.

  • Read technical datasheet

    Read and understand the technical specifications describing the characteristics and functionality mode of a product, component or machine, usually provided by the manufacturer.

  • Respond to burglar alarm systems

    Monitor the received signals from a burglar alarm system and react promptly to investigate the issues.

  • Manage alarm system

    Set up and maintain system for detection of intrusions and unauthorised entries into a facility.

  • Monitor surveillance equipment

    Monitor the operation of equipment used in surveillance and gathering of intelligence to ensure it functions properly and to gather the surveillance information detected by it.

  • Keep task records

    Organise and classify records of prepared reports and correspondence related to the performed work and progress records of tasks.

Optional knowledge and skills

advise on strengthening security criminal law drive vehicles train employees security threats repair alarm system deal with aggressive behaviour assist police investigations fire safety regulations ensure public safety and security ensure compliance with types of weapons detain offenders apply conflict management