Profession Ship mechanic

Ship mechanic

Ship mechanics check, repair, adjust and test electrical and mechanical equipment of inboard or outboard ship engines.

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Tasks ship mechanic

  • Start ship engines and check operational readiness by operating main and auxiliary machinery and associated control systems.
  • Inspect and maintain engines and associated control systems, following specifications, standards, safety regulations, etc.
  • Conduct operational tests and monitor engine performance for signs of faults (e.g. smoke, excessive vibration), by using testing equipment, measuring instruments, etc.
  • Locate the cause of ship engine faults by disassembling and inspecting engines, using hand tools or electrical and electronic measuring and testing equipment.
  • Replace, repair or adjust faulty engine parts (e.g. gears, magneto points, piston rings, spark plugs) and reassemble engines.
  • Replace, repair or adjust other faulty mechanical equipment (e.g. propellers, propeller shafts, steering mechanisms, marine plumbing, power tilts, bilge pumps, power take-offs, etc.).
  • Document relevant information, e.g. to maintenance, test and repair reports.
  • Maintain and tend firefighting and lifesaving devices and equipment.
  • Assist other workers on the ship (e.g. in loading or unloading the ship, securing cargo, keeping watch, fishing, etc.).

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