Profession shipping agent

Shipping agents represent the ship owner in a foreign port. They make sure customs is cleared in a timely manner so that the cargo doesn't have to stay too long in the port. Shipping agents also ensure that insurance, licences and other formalities are in order.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising
  • Conventional / Realistic


  • Port regulation

    Know port standards and legal regulations, based primarily on municipal laws, port laws or the Maritime Code.

  • International import export regulations

    Know the principles that govern the import and export of products and equipment, trade restrictions, health and safety measures, licenses, etc.


  • Control trade commercial documentation

    Monitor written records containing information related to commercial transactions such as invoice, letter of credit, order, shipping, certificate of origin.

  • Comply with regulations related to export in different countries

    Check that the labels of products and the packaging are compliant with different regulations in the countries where they are exported.

  • Manage import export licenses

    Ensure the effective issuing of permits and licenses in import and export processes.

  • Provide advice to clients in terms of export restrictions

    Inform clients about the export restrictions, which consist of regulations about limitations on the quantity of exported goods imposed by a specific country or government.

  • Apply procedures to ensure cargo complies with customs regulations

    Apply the different procedures required to meet customs obligations when transporting goods across borders and arriving via ports/airports or any other logistics hub, such as producing written customs declarations. Apply different procedures for different types of goods, and ensure compliance with shipping regulations.;

  • Ensure compliance with port regulations

    Enforce compliance with regulations in harbours and sea ports. Communicate with relevant authorities to identify potential risks.

  • Provide advice to clients in terms of import restrictions

    Inform clients about import restrictions such as import tariffs, licenses, quotas, currency restrictions, prohibition and other related regulations.

  • Make bids in forward auctions

    Create and provide forward bids, taking into account possible special requirements such as refrigeration of goods or transport of potentially hazardous materials.

  • Keep up-to-date to current customs regulations

    Follow the latest developments and changes occurred in customs regulations and government policies related to international trade.

  • Liaise with port users

    Communicate and cooperate with port users such as shipping agents, freight customers and port managers.

Optional knowledge and skills

coordinate export transportation activities keep written records of cargo create import-export commercial documentation inspect freight administer multi-modal logistics book cargo oversee arrival and departure of ships into port coordinate import transportation activities observe freight shipment loaders prepare bills of lading have access to shipping rates liaise between the client and various transportation services handle shipment paperwork