Profession sign maker

Sign makers design and develop signs for a variety of uses such as flyers, traffic signs, billboards and business signs. They use different materials and techniques and if necessary they install the sign on site. Furthermore they also perform maintenance and repairs.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Artistic
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Graphic design

    The techniques to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.


  • Develop design concept

    Research information to develop new ideas and concepts for the design of a specific production. Read scripts and consult directors and other production staff members, in order to develop design concepts and plan productions.

  • Plan new packaging designs

    Come up with new ideas concerning the size, shape and colour of packaging.

  • Collaborate with designers

    Communicate and collaborate with fellow designers in order to coordinate new products and designs.

  • Monitor developments in technology used for design

    Identify and explore recent developments in technology and materials used in the live performance industry, in order to create an up-to-date technical background for one’s personal design work.

  • Conduct research on trends in design

    Conduct research on present and future evolutions and trends in design, and associated target market features.

  • Develop design plans

    Develop design plans by using computer-aided-design (CAD); work in accordance with budget estimates; organise and conduct meetings with clients.

  • Perform quality control of design during a run

    Control and ensure the quality of design results during a run.

  • Design package

    Develop and design the form and structure of a product's package.

  • Develop design ideas cooperatively

    Share and develop design ideas with the artistic team. Conceptualise new ideas independently and with others. Present your idea, gain feedback and take it into account. Make sure the design fits with the work of other designers.

  • Present detailed design proposals

    Prepare and present detailed design suggestions for a specific production to a mixed group of people, including technical, artistic and management staff.

  • Develop creative ideas

    Developing new artistic concepts and creative ideas.

  • Make numerical calculations

    Work with numbers and perform complex calculations. An understanding of the basics of maths is crucial.

  • Draw design sketches

    Create rough pictures to assist in creating and communicating design concepts.

Optional knowledge and skills

paint ship decks printing techniques printing media types of moulded fibres types of paint manipulate glass supervise work on design planning maintenance of printing machines collaborate in the development of marketing strategies follow safety procedures when working at heights process man-made fibres translate artistic concepts to technical designs cut glass translate requirement concepts into visual design prepare equipment for textile printing operate monogram-printing device

Common job titles

  • Sign designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Sign maker/graphic designer
  • Civic engagement and policy analyst
  • Assistant professor/associate professor/professor
  • Sign designer/production
  • Vinyl and graphic production specialist
  • Compounder
  • Scenic artist/ prop maker (local applicants only)
  • Large format production manager and design