Profession soap drier operator

Soap drier operators control and maintain viscous soap machine to produce soap flakes. They perform sample tests and coordinate the dried flakes discharge into storage bins.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Test chemical samples

    Perform the testing procedures on the already prepared chemical samples, by using the necessary equipment and materials. Chemical sample testing involves operations such as pipetting or diluting schemes.

  • Store soap flakes

    Store the already processed soap flakes through the conveyor belt to the storage bins.

  • Tend soap flake machinery

    Tend the machinery and equipment used in soap flake production.

  • Test moisture content

    Test the moisture content using a moisture testing apparatus.

  • Control temperature

    Measure and adjust temperature of a given space or object.

  • Prepare chemical samples

    Prepare the specific samples such as gas, liquid or solid samples in order for them to be ready for analysis, labeling and storing samples according to specifications.

  • Monitor valves

    Monitor and accordingly adjust the valves in order to allow a specific amount of liquids (such as ammonia sulfuric acid or viscous soap) or steam into the mixer or machine.

  • Harden soap

    Harden the soap by chilling it using refrigerated water into rollers.

  • Press soap into sheets

    Press the soap into sheets using the rollers.

  • Transfer viscous soap

    Transfer the soap from the crutcher machine to the chilling rollers chamber.

Optional knowledge and skills

implement soap formula sharpen edged tools optimise production processes parameters manage waste use shaping machinery monitor environmental parameters tend insecticide mixer