Profession soap maker

Soap makers operate equipments and mixers that produce soap, making sure the end product is produced according to specified formula.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Alkylation

    Understand the process of moving an alkyl group from one molecule to another. This process is used in oil refining to alkylate isobutanes, producing premium blending agents for fuel.


  • Fill kettle

    Fill kettle with the specified amounts of ingredients.

  • Optimise production processes parameters

    Optimise and maintain the parameters of the production process such as flow, temperature or pressure.

  • Transfer chemicals

    Transfer the chemical mixture from the mixing tank to the storage tank by turning on the valves.

  • Monitor valves

    Monitor and accordingly adjust the valves in order to allow a specific amount of liquids (such as ammonia sulfuric acid or viscous soap) or steam into the mixer or machine.

  • Tend agitation machine

    Tend agitation machine ensuring that there is a uniform agitation of the batch.

  • Observe mixture characteristics

    Observe the characteristics such as colour, homogeneity or viscosity of the boiling mixture in the tank.

  • Test alkalinity

    Test the alkalinity of the caustic soda, adding soda or water as required.

Optional knowledge and skills

manage waste maintain chemical mixers use moulding techniques match product moulds collect industrial waste prepare chemical samples implement soap formula perfume and cosmetic products use chemical analysis equipment use personal protection equipment