Profession sound artist

Sound artists use sound as a main creative medium. They express, through the creation of sounds, their intention and identity. Sound art is interdisciplinary in nature and takes on hybrid forms.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Investigative
  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Artistic


  • Art history

    The history of art and artists, the artistic trends throughout centuries and their contemporary evolutions.

  • Intellectual property law

    The regulations that govern the set of rights protecting products of the intellect from unlawful infringement.

  • Acoustics

    The study of sound, its reflection, amplification and absorption in a space.

  • Labour legislation

    Legislation, on a national or international level, that governs labour conditions in various fields between labour parties such as the government, employees, employers, and trade unions.


  • Perform technical sound check

    Prepare and run a technical sound check before rehearsals or live shows. Check instrument setup and ensure correct functioning of the audio equipment. Anticipate possible technical problems during a live show.

  • Contextualise artistic work

    Identify influences and situate your work within a specific trend which may be of an artistic, aesthetic, or philosophical natures. Analyse the evolution of artistic trends, consult experts in the field, attend events, etc.

  • Operate sound live

    Operate sound system and audio devices during rehearsals or in a live situation.

  • Gather reference materials for artwork

    Gather samples of the materials you expect to use in the creation process, especially if the desired piece of art necessitates the intervention of qualified workers or specific production processes.

  • Record music

    Record a sound or musical performance in a studio or live environment. Use the appropriate equipment and your professional judgment to capture the sounds with optimal fidelity.

  • Mix sound in a live situation

    Mix audio signals from multiple sound sources during rehearsals or in a live situation.

  • Coordinate activities in audio recording studio

    Monitor the daily operations in a audio recording studio. Make sure that persons involved in recording studio activities can produce the desired quality of sound according to customer specifications. Ensure the material is maintained and available.

  • Set up a multi-track recording

    Make the necessary preparations to record music or other sounds on several tracks.

  • Mix multi-track recordings

    Mix recorded sound from several sources using a mix panel, and edit it to obtain the desired mix.

  • Edit recorded sound

    Edit audio footage using a variety of sofware, tools, and techniques such as crossfading, speed effects, and removing unwanted noises.

  • Confer on artwork

    Introduce and discuss the nature and content of art work, achieved or to be produced with an audience, art directors, catalogue editors, journalists, and other parties of interest.

  • Program sound cues

    Program sound cues and rehearse sound states before or during rehearsals.

  • Manage electronic logistics for sound equipment

    Manage electronic logistics of sound equipment used for broadcasting, mixing, and taping.

  • Set up basic recording

    Set up a basic stereo audio recording system.

  • Manage sound quality

    Perform sound checks. Set up audio equipment for optimal sound output before as well as during performance. Regulate the volume during broadcasts by controlling the audio equipment 

  • Use audio reproduction software

    Operate software and equipment that transform and reproduce digital, analogue sounds and sound waves into the desired perceivable audio to be streamed.

Optional knowledge and skills

plan art educational activities present exhibition develop educational activities confer with event staff assess conservation needs participate in artistic mediation activities develop artistic project budgets record multi-track sound participate in music studio recordings propose improvements to artistic production keep personal administration develop educational resources