Profession spring maker

Spring makers operate a variety of equipment and machinery designed to manufacture different types of spring, including leaf, coil, torsion, clock, tension, and extension spring.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Types of spring

    Types of metal springs such as leaf, coil, torsion, clock, tension and extension spring.


  • Tend spring making machine

    Tend a metalworking machine designed to produce metal springs, through either hot winding or cold winding processes, monitor and operate it according to regulations.

  • Coil metal

    Coil, usually steel, metal rings by winding them continuously and regularly spaced atop of one another, creating metal springs.

  • Operate precision measuring equipment

    Measure the size of a processed part when checking and marking it to check if it is up to standard by use of two and three dimensional precision measuring equipment such as a caliper, a micrometer, and a measuring gauge.

  • Supply machine with appropriate tools

    Supply the machine with the necessary tools and items for a particular production purpose.

Optional knowledge and skills

provide advice to technicians set up the controller of a machine ferrous metal processing quality and cycle time optimisation program a cnc controller manufacturing of daily use goods monitor gauge manufacturing of small metal parts keep records of work progress dispose of hazardous waste cold winding perform machine maintenance record production data for quality control perform product testing tend wire drawing machine read standard blueprints ensure necessary ventilation in machining statistical process control remove scale from metal workpiece hot winding types of metal manufacturing processes metal forming technologies consult technical resources wear appropriate protective gear use cam software