Profession sprinkler fitter

Sprinkler fitters are responsible for the installation of fire protection systems that sprinkle water. They connect pipes, tubing and the necessary accessories. Sprinkler system installers also test the systems for leaks.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Automated sprinkler bulbs

    The different types of frangible sprinkler bulbs, which are designed to break at a certain temperature to trigger the sprinkler action. The colour codes of the enclosed fluids, signifying the temperatures at which the bulbs break due to the expansion of the enclosed fluid.

  • Types of piping

    A variety of types of piping and piping materials. PVC, CPVC, PEX, copper, and the advantages, usage cases, risks, and costs of each.

  • Mechanical systems

    Mechanical systems, including gears, engines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Their functions and likely defects.

  • Types of sprinklers

    The different types of installations using water supply for the control and extinguishing of fires. These systems include fast- and standard response sprinklers wet and dry pipe systems, deluge systems, pre-action systems, foam water sprinkler systems, water spray systems, and water mist systems. Their preferred usage cases, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plumbing tools

    A variety of common plumbing tools and their usage cases, limitations and risks.


  • Check compatibility of materials

    Make sure the materials are fit to be used together, and if there are any foreseeable interferences.

  • Follow health and safety procedures in construction

    Apply the relevant health and safety procedures in construction in order to prevent accidents, pollution and other risks.

  • Inspect construction supplies

    Check construction supplies for damage, moisture, loss or other problems before using the material.

  • Lay pipe installation

    Install the system of pipes used to transport a fluid, be it a liquid or a gas, from one point to aNother and connect it to the fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components.

  • Use measurement instruments

    Use different measurement instruments depending on the property to be measured. Utilise various instruments to measure length, area, volume, speed, energy, force, and others.

  • Interpret 3D plans

    Interpret and understand plans and drawings in manufacturing processes which include representations in three dimensions.

  • Check water pressure

    Check the water pressure in a water circulation system, using a built-in gauge or by attaching a water pressure gauge onto a pipe. In the case of a stand-alone gauge, be sure to depressurise the system before attaching the gauge.

  • Install fire sprinklers

    Install individual fire sprinklers on a prepared pipe system. Point the sprinklers to a specified direction if required.

  • Set up water pump

    Install a device that pumps water from a lower location to a higher location. Set the pump in the right position, taking care not to expose any sensitive parts to water. Connect the pump to water pipes and a power source.

  • Interpret 2D plans

    Interpret and understand plans and drawings in manufacturing processes which include representations in two dimensions.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

Optional knowledge and skills

install construction profiles work in a construction team use safety equipment in construction operate hand drill test sensors attach pex pipe wire security sensors security panels keep personal administration keep records of work progress monitor stock level calculate needs for construction supplies install pvc piping install insulation material smoke sensors order construction supplies process incoming construction supplies

Common job titles

  • Fire sprinkler helper
  • Fire sprinkler fitter apprentice
  • Sprinkler fitter helper - tucson, az
  • Sprinkler fitter apprentice
  • Service coordinator - full & part time
  • Sprinkler fitter apprentice - round rock, tx
  • Fire sprinkler fitter
  • Fire sprinkler fitter helper