Profession store detective

Store detectives monitor the activities in the store in order to prevent and detect shoplifting. Once the individual is caught red-handed, they take all the legal measures, including announcing the police.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Conventional / Investigative
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Surveillance methods

    Surveillance methods used in the gathering of information and intelligence for investigation purposes.


  • Monitor surveillance equipment

    Monitor the operation of equipment used in surveillance and gathering of intelligence to ensure it functions properly and to gather the surveillance information detected by it.

  • Identify suspicious behaviour

    Rapidly spot and identify individuals or customers who behave suspiciously and keep them under close observation.

  • Ensure public safety and security

    Implement the relevant procedures, strategies and use the proper equipment to promote local or national security activities for the protection of data, people, institutions, and property.

  • Confront offenders

    Confront shoplifters with their acts by presenting evidence such as video recordings.

  • Detain offenders

    Keep back offenders and trespassers in a certain area.

  • Identify security threats

    Identify security threats during investigations, inspections, or patrols, and perform the necessary actions to minimise or neutralise the threat.

  • Practice vigilance

    Practice vigilance during patrol or other surveillance activities in order to ensure safety and security, to look out for suspicious behaviour or other alarming changes in patterns or activities, and to respond quickly to these changes.

  • Prevent shoplifting

    Identify shoplifters and methods by which shoplifters try to steal. Implement anti-shoplifting policies and procedures to protect against theft.

  • Interrogate individuals

    Interview individuals in such a manner that they give information that could be of use in an investigation and that they possibly tried to conceal.

  • Document security incidents in the store

    Prepare documentation and specific reports of the security threats, observations and incidents, such as shoplifting, that occur in the store, to be used as evidence against the offender, if required.

  • Monitor sales area for security reasons

    Observe the behaviour of customers in sales areas, in order to maintain order and security and spot potential risks.

  • Liaise with security authorities

    Respond quickly to security incidents and violations by calling the police and keep in touch with other relevant parties involved in the potential prosecution of the offender.

  • Comply with legal regulations

    Ensure you are properly informed of the legal regulations that govern a specific activity and adhere to its rules, policies and laws.

Optional knowledge and skills

operate fire extinguishers carry out covert security observations monitor cashiers perform risk analysis identify terrorism threats fire safety regulations create a prevention security plan for the store criminal law legal requirements related to ammunition civil law perform security checks apply conflict management check methods operate radio equipment