Profession straightening machine operator

Straightening machine operators set up and tend straightening machines designed to form metal workpieces into their desired shape using pressing practices. They adjust the angle and the height of the straightening rolls and select the settings for the pressing force required to straighten the workpiece, taking into account the end product's yield strenght and size, without excess work hardening.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Measure flatness of a surface

    Measure the evenness of a workpiece's surface after it has been processed by checking for deviations from the desired perpendicular state.

  • Position straightening rolls

    Position the rolls of a straightening press automatically or manually by using button commands to move the rolls over pieces of sheet metal, steel, or plastic in order to flatten it.

  • Tend straightening press

    Tend an automated stamping press, designed to straighten sheet metal and steel, monitor and operate it, according to regulations.

Optional knowledge and skills

operate lifting equipment manufacturing of cutlery program a cnc controller manufacturing of door furniture from metal manufacturing of metal structures record production data for quality control manufacturing of light metal packaging use cam software monitor stock level manufacturing of heating equipment mechanics read standard blueprints manufacturing of tools provide advice to technicians types of stamping press manufacturing of metal household articles manufacturing of steam generators manufacturing of metal containers statistical process control manufacturing of weapons and ammunition manufacturing of steel drums and similar containers types of straightening machine keep records of work progress types of metal manufacturing processes quality and cycle time optimisation interpret geometric dimensions and tolerances work ergonomically check quality of raw materials inspect quality of products manufacturing of doors from metal perform machine maintenance mark processed workpiece ferrous metal processing