Profession Tailor, seamstress

Tailor, seamstress

Sewers sew, join, reinforce and finish various manufactured items by hand and with sewing machines or equipment.

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Tasks tailor, seamstress

  • Prepare for sewing, e.g. by folding, twisting, stretching or draping material, and securing articles.
  • Draw and cut patterns according to specifications.
  • Measure and align the sewing work (e.g. parts, fasteners, trimmers) following seams, edges or markings on parts.
  • Sew materials (e.g. to reinforce existing sewing, assemble pieces or a whole product) using different sewing techniques such as felling, tacking, embroidery, etc.
  • Smooth seams, e.g. using heated irons, flat bones or rubbing sticks.
  • Trim excess threads or edges of parts, e.g. using scissors or knives.
  • Sew buttonholes and attach buttons, zippers, pockets, collars, trimmings, etc.
  • Examine sections of finished articles for defects.
  • Carry out basic maintenance of sewing tools and machines.

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