Profession terrazzo setter

Terrazzo and related workers reinforce concrete surfaces, cement openings in walls or casings for wells, finish and repair cement surfaces and carry out terrazzo work.

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Personality Type

Related professions flooring

  • Carpet, linoleum or cork floor layer
  • Parquetry worker
  • Tile layer


  • Pour terrazzo

    Pour the prepared terrazzo mixture on the planned floor section. Pour the right amount of terrazzo and use a screed to make sure the surface is even.

  • Mix terrazzo material

    Create a mix of stone fragments and cement in consistent proportions. Add colouring if called for.

  • Grind terrazzo

    Grind the poured and cured terrazzo layer in several steps, from rough to fine, using a grinding machine.

  • Follow health and safety procedures in construction

    Apply the relevant health and safety procedures in construction in order to prevent accidents, pollution and other risks.

  • Inspect construction supplies

    Check construction supplies for damage, moisture, loss or other problems before using the material.

  • Work safely with chemicals

    Take the necessary precautions for storing, using and disposing chemical products.

  • Prevent premature drying

    Take the precautionary steps to avoid a product or a surface from drying to quickly, for example by covering it with a protective film or by humidifying it regularly.

  • Grout terrazzo

    Cover any small holes in the terrazzo surface with a grout mixture of the appropriate colour after it has been roughly ground.

  • Use measurement instruments

    Use different measurement instruments depending on the property to be measured. Utilise various instruments to measure length, area, volume, speed, energy, force, and others.

  • Apply proofing membranes

    Apply specialised membranes to prevent penetration of a structure by dampness or water. Securely seal any perforation to preserve the damp-proof or waterproof properties of the membrane. Make sure any membranes overlap top over bottom to prevent water from seeping in. Check the compatibility of multiple membranes used together.

  • Blast surface

    Blast a surface with sand, metal shot, dry ice or other blasting material to remove impurities or rough up a smooth surface.

  • Transport construction supplies

    Bring construction materials, tools and equipment to the construction site and store them properly taking various aspects into account such as the workers' safety and protection from deterioration.

  • Screed concrete

    Smooth the surface of freshly poured concrete using a screed.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

  • Prepare floor for terrazzo

    Make sure the floor is ready to receive a terrazzo layer. Remove any previous floor coverings, dirt, grease, other impurities and moisture. Rough the surface with a shot blaster if required.

Optional knowledge and skills

process incoming construction supplies calculate needs for construction supplies lay terrazzo divider strips install insulation material use safety equipment in construction polish stone surfaces aesthetics order construction supplies work in a construction team mix construction grouts maintain terrazzo keep records of work progress design floor keep personal administration

Source: Sisyphus ODB