Profession thread rolling machine operator

Thread rolling machine operators set up and tend thread rolling machines designed to form metal workpieces into external and internal screw threads by pressing a thread rolling die against metal blank rods, creating a larger diameter than those of the original blank workpieces.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Thread rolling machine parts

    Different parts of a thread rolling machine, such as the radial and vertical roll force, the die block, the moving block, the ram and the vertical roll force sensor, their qualities and applications.

  • Types of thread

    Types of thread, such as unified thread, metric thread, square thread, ACME thread, buttress thread and their qualities and applications. 


  • Supply machine with appropriate tools

    Supply the machine with the necessary tools and items for a particular production purpose.

  • Tend thread rolling machine

    Tend automated or semi-automated thread rolling machine creating threads, monitor and operate it, according to regulations.

  • Adjust rolling slide

    Use manual switch for adjusting the rolling slide, which holds the die block, of a thread rolling machine.

Optional knowledge and skills

quality and cycle time optimisation apply cross-reference tools for product identification ferrous metal processing types of metal manufacturing processes perform machine maintenance provide advice to technicians inspect quality of products work ergonomically mark processed workpiece manufacturing of metal structures monitor stock level keep records of work progress manufacturing of metal assembly products monitor conveyor belt program a cnc controller interpret geometric dimensions and tolerances use cam software set up automotive robot check quality of raw materials mechanics record production data for quality control perform product testing statistical process control read standard blueprints