Profession Tile layer

Tile layer

Tile setters, tile layers prepare, conduct and finish tiling work on walls, floors etc.

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Tasks tile layer

  • Organize the materials and the work area, e.g. gather and check required tools and materials.
  • Check and prepare the surface, e.g. by cleaning, smoothing and applying adhesives.
  • Set out tile distribution, and measure and mark the surface to be tiled.
  • Mix mortar, glue or other substances to the right consistency taking into account e.g. tile weight and thickness.
  • Make tiles the right size, e.g. using (electric) cutting tools.
  • Prepare surfaces, e.g. apply mortar on floors and strickle off smoothly.
  • Set or lay tiles straight and evenly on the surface with mortar or glue, and press or tap the tile.
  • Finish off the tiling work, e.g. finish and dress the joints and clean the work area.
  • Carry out specialized tiling work (e.g. stairs, mosaic, patterns).
  • Conduct repair and renovation work on tiling.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB