Profession tracer powder blender

Tracer powder blenders operate machines and equipment used to create igniters and tracer powders, by mixing liquid and dry chemicals, making sure the required parameters are set and that the flammable mixtures are according to specifications.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Flammable fluids

    The behaviour of liquids and gases that represent a serious explosion and fire danger, and their appropriate handling systems and effective storage.


  • Pour mix into rubber pouches

    Pour the chemical mix into rubber pouches, labeling them accordingly prior to transfer into storage.

  • Sift powder

    Sift the powder through the silk screen by hand.

  • Tend ball mill

    Tend the ball mill by controlling it remotely in order to perform dried ingredients pulverisation.

  • Measure materials

    Measure the raw materials prior to their loading in the mixer or in machines, ensuring they conform with the specifications.

  • Tend tumbling barrels

    Tend the remote-controlled barrels used for chemicals blending adding specific ingredients, as requested, in sequence according to specifications.

  • Tend flammable mixture machines

    Tend the machines and equipment used for flammable mixture production such as igniter or traces powders.

Optional knowledge and skills

clean mixer explosives transfer chemicals hazardous waste storage brush the equipment mechanics